In it for the long run.

You Know You're a runnerd...

...when you have three different calendars, all devoted to different aspects of your training schedule. (Contributed by Stephanie)

...when you buy Icy Hot patches in bulk from Costco. (Contributed by Susan)

...because you would rather run on a Friday night than go out with friends. (Contributed by Joneen)

...if you have an extensive collection of compression socks. (Contributed by Becky)

...if you get jealous whenever you see anyone else out running and you're stuck at work / driving / tapering!! (Contributed by Meg)

...your races have to be part of your monthly budget! (Contributed by Amy)

...when you build Excel spreadsheets to track all your run data (even though it's on Garmin Connect). You obsessively create new charts and stats; then force non-running friends to admire them. (Contributed by Meg)

...if you log miles on MapMyRun while on vacation so you can say, "Why, yes, I've run in that city!" (Contributed by Kelley) think it's completely normal to lose toenails and are shocked when others don't lose theirs! (Contributed by Marlo)

...if you've chosen running over your marriage. (Contributed by Tex)

...if you've ever used the word "rungry."

...if you can relate to #runnerproblems.

How do PEOPLE know you're a runnerd?

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