In it for the long run.

Everyone loves a good list. Put bullet points next to it and make it about running and it's like Christmas. Or at least as good as a Christmas list! So here are four easy ways you can...

Love running! More than you already do:

  • Start fresh. Put your last race, and even your last run, behind you every time you lace up your running shoes. Don't let bad runs or races sabotage your next run.
  • Ditch the watch. Have you ever watched a child run. They run with pure bliss, oblivious to everything around them because they are totally absorbed in the feeling of running. Channel your inner child!
  • Set a goal. This may or may not be a race. If racing doesn't motivate you, set a distance or pace goal. Don't want to add miles or have the pressure of speed, set a goal to add fartleks to at least one run every week. The feeling of accomplishing a goal, any goal, is pretty darn awesome.
  • Gear up. You don't have to break the bank to add to your running gear arsenal. A new pair of socks, a fancy new visor or even a new flavor of GU can get you pumped to get out there for a run!