Candice (aka @ihaverun)

Three months after her first daughter was born, Candice walked a 5k. When she finished, she decided she would run the same race the next year. In spite of a lifelong aversion to running, she powered through and slowly learned to love running. This love has resulted in 8 marathons, more than 22 half marathons, and dozens of shorter distance races. She achieved what she always imagined to be the impossible when she qualified for Boston last September and will run it in 2014. 

‚ÄčThe Princess 

The Princess is eight going on 18. She loves to run and is a pro at making race signs. Even more than running though, she loves gymnastics.


Five year old Bean loves horses like her sister loves gymnastics. She likes to run too (of course), but also loves riding her bike alongside her running mom.

Who is Runnerd?

In it for the long run.

Runnerd is a place where you can find all things running, connect with other runners, and be part of a community that is supportive and encouraging, no matter how far you like to run, how fast your legs can carry you or what those legs look like in running shorts. And whether you just started running yesterday, have run since you were in diapers or even just think you might want to try this crazy thing called running, you are in the right place.

Scott (aka @ihavecrawled)

While driving the 3+ hours to one of his wife Candice's marathons, Scott noticed a number of vehicles with running stickers plastered in their back windows. When passing one particular car that had "his and hers" race stickers on the corresponding driver's and passenger's sides, some of them even duplicates of the exact same sticker, he shook his head and said with a smile, "You really are a bunch of runnerds." And that is how runnerd was born. While Scott enjoys running himself and does it whenever he can, he spends more of his "running time" crewing his wife on her training runs and helping her reach all her racing goals. He will run his second half marathon this summer and has bibs from several shorter races in his collection.